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This Time: “My” Cancer

If you are a male firefighter, please, just give me five minutes. Please.

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The advisory group for 40PlusFIRE are the following wonderful people who we are indebted to:

Michael Dubron

Firefighter Cancer Support Network (Firefighter/Crew Chief, Ret)

Bryan Frieders

Firefighter Cancer Support Network (Fire Chief, Ret)

Brian Goldfeder

Lieutenant, Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS

Teri Goldfeder

Firefighter/Paramedic (Ret)

Dr. Michael Hamrock

Boston (MA) Fire Department – Physician, Former BFD Firefighter

Dr. Brittany Hollerbach

Center for Fire, Rescue & EMS Health Research at NDRI

Dr. Sara Jahnke

Center for Fire, Rescue & EMS Health Research at NDRI

Brian Kazmierzak

Firefighter Close Calls / Fire Marshal, Benton Harbor, MI

Scott Kerwood

International Association of Fire Chiefs, Chief: Hutto, TX.

Todd LeDuc

LifeScan Wellness, Deputy Chief (Ret)

Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell

United State Fire Administrator

Pat Morrison

Sr. Staff: International Association of Fire Fighters, Firefighter (Ret)

Dr. Jonathan Orens

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Firefighter (Ret)

John Sullivan

International Association of Fire Chiefs:, Chief: MA Brookline

Amy Tippett

Subject Matter Advisor

When I was diagnosed, and my wife and I then developed my plan, I felt like I wanted to “do something” with my diagnosis, treatment and aftermath. So much. As I spoke to others, the “experts” were those who had survived it-but it seemed that ONLY those who had survived it were the ones who were the most informed about it.

So…I figured we could put this site together so you and your family and friends could learn about this specific cancer. And we have….thanks to the wonderful people listed here. Our goal is that any male firefighters-and those that know and love them-become informed sooner than later.

This site is an affiliate of www.FireFighterCloseCalls.com (owned by my long time friend Gordon Graham and me); and is in partnership with all the associations, groups and businesses whose logos are represented on www.40PlusFIRE.com.

As clearly stated, if diagnosed, it is our experience that your best support comes from and starts with contacting the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and their partner associations.

You do not want to “crawl down this hallway” alone-and you don’t have to.

If I can ever help you in any way, name it.

Billy Goldfeder
Deputy Chief
Loveland Symmes FD, Ohio